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Whether you are a small business owner, aspiring blogger and lifestyle influencer, an artist or photographer, or a business consultant, having the right website can help build your business and brand, making you more successful with your goals. Unlike in years past, there is no need to hire a coder to construct a website for you – now, all you need is an easy, expensive website builder and a little time, and voila! Your business has an online home!

Services like Host Otter can quickly assist you with creating a sleek and polished web design that’s user intuitive and easy for site visitors to navigate. You can also set up a secure online store for customers to purchase items or book your services. And, you don’t have to stick with a basic-looking website, either – you can quickly implement email marketing into your site, too, using data collected from each unique site visitor.

Choosing the Best Website Builder Based on Your Specific Needs

The features you need for a website builder will depend on your purpose. However, getting your business online is most straightforward with Host Otter’s Website Builder for just about any initial purpose. It features more site-building tools than any other inexpensive or free website-building platform. It has user-intuitive instructions that make creating a website reasonably straightforward, even for people who have never coded or built a site.

The ease of use for Website Builder lies in its advanced Responsive mobile design, which requires the user to choose the website’s functions, such as naming the landing pages or setting up a secure e-commerce page. More advanced users may prefer the builder tool, an oped-development platform that incorporates javascript and data-driven dynamic pages.

Host Otter offers two methods of building your site, and it’s best to select one and stick with it from beginning to end:

  • Using specific templates and Javascript
  • Design from scratch, using your coding

The best way to maintain consistency across your landing pages is to keep going with whichever option you select so that your website looks uniform and contributes to your branding.

Cost of Using Host Otter to Build Your Website

 If you like the functionality and appearance of the starter site, you can upgrade to a premium plan that ranges from $11/ month to $27/month for an Online Store site that includes an e-commerce website plan.

Remember that Host Otter offers website-building services and sells domain names, so users must purchase everything at the same site. And, if you plan to use Google analytics or other third-party analytics to quantify your visitors and the success of different landing pages, blog posts, and advertising campaigns, then you will need to set up your third-party tool. However, the Website Builder integrates well with all the most comprehensive tools, including Google Analytics.